Bow & Ani Ludwig Present
Photo Credit: Allyn Hill  

Rainbow Cats Playing Cards

These Poker Size playing cards were illustrated by my wife (Ani), and designed by me (Bow), as a collaboration for our wedding.

There are 52 cards, plus 2 Jokers. All card faces are entirely custom, including the suits, numbers, and letters, but they are designed to mimic standard playing card faces fairly closely. You can use these for any standard playing card game (and many non-standard, too, of course).

Photo Credit: Ruth Hill  

These cards are now available for "Print on Demand" purchase through the website

This is the exact same printing process we used for the cards we gave out at our wedding. When you purchase through DriveThruCards, your cards will be exactly the same as the ones we have.

Photo Credit: Maria Ludwig  

Notice the suits. They are major aspects of our life: Clubs (paws) represent our love of animals. Diamonds (dice) represent our love of games. Hearts and Spades both represent our love of music (Hearts is the logo for the band we both are in: Anarchists are Better Lovers. Spades is a representation of the scroll of a violin.)

The face cards are drawings of our three cats. They are pretty cute, aren't they?

Photo Credit: Allyn Hill